Choosing Boat Seats

Selecting The Right Pontoon Seats & Furniture

Pontoon Boat Seats & Furniture – How To Choose The Right Boat Seats.

Planning your pontoon boat furniture layout doesn’t need to be difficult.  We’ve created every possible pontoon furniture set and seat kit available using our DeckMate pontoon seats.  Below is a brief description of the very first pontoon boat seats used by pontoon boat manufacturers and descriptions of each of the pontoon seats for sale online at Pontoon Stuff®.

Pontoon Boats – From pontoon barges to luxury pontoon boats with fully upholstered furniture and seats.

The very first pontoon boat was simply a wooden deck tied to sponsons or tubes.  Ambrose Weere’s built the first modern pontoon boat prototype in 1951 and the first commercially available pontoon boat for sale in 1952.  These early pontoon boats did not have upholstered pontoon seats and furniture like we see on new pontoon boats, in fact, upholstered seat cushions and pontoon furniture were not introduced by any pontoon boat manufacturers until 1960.  Harris Manufacturing, the precursor to Harris-Kayot (a merger between Harris Manufacturing and Kayot Industries) was the first pontoon boat manufacturer to offer fully upholstered pontoon boat seats and furniture on a pontoon boat with their 1960 model Harris FloteBote pontoon boats.  Prior to Harris FloteBote and the introduction of upholstered pontoon seats and a deluxe pontoon console found on cruiser style boats the pontoon boat used simple wooden benches or more commonly used was nothing, no seating at all.  You can browse through used pontoon boats for sale and see the incredible difference in the seating found on older used pontoon boats and the furniture used on new pontoon boats.  The pontoon boat has evolved from a “party barge” or basic floating platform to a luxury craft that can cost upwards of $60,000.

The only thing that hasn’t changed about pontoon boats is the basic construction.  Today’s expensive pontoon boats still use a wooden deck with aluminum tubes.  The pontoon boat tubes have grown larger, manufacturers have installed performance fins and underskinning to improve performance, powerful engines with yacht-like consoles and pontoon furniture that would look good in your living room are used but the idea is still the same.  Pontoon boats are really just floating barges and if you are lucky enough to come across a good deal on a used pontoon boat with tubes and framework in good shape you can restore your pontoon for a fraction of the cost of buying new.  You can replace the flooring, the decking and carpet, the pontoon seats and furniture can all be replaced as well as the canopy top and accessories.

The fact is that you can restore a used pontoon boat and make it new again, that’s why Pontoon Stuff® was created in the first place.  We understand the history of pontoon boats and what really matters, enjoying time on the lake with your family.  You can buy a new pontoon boat and tens of thousands of people do every year but you can also replace the furniture and flooring on your existing pontoon boat and bring back the memories and enjoyment you had just like when it was new.

DeckMate Pontoon Furniture – Buying The Right Pontoon Seat

DeckMate was created so that pontoon boat owners could replace the furniture on their used pontoon boats with quality pontoon seats and furniture.  Because we design and manufacturer pontoon furniture and boat seats we can offer discount sale prices for premium quality pontoon boat seats.

Types Of Pontoon Boat Furniture

DeckMate Pontoon Seats – Offering a complete line of pontoon boat furniture and boat seats.

Nowadays, traveling via boat or ship is gaining popularity compared to ancient days when people feared drowning. This is due to advancement in technology, which has led to construction of up to date ships and boats therefore, building clients confidence as far as safety is concerned. Ship, ferry, and boats may differ in their physical appearance and size but they serve the same purpose and to some extent, they will have standard fixtures such as seats. Seats for boats will come in different sizes, color, and design. In addition, the type of the boat will also determine the kind of seats to incorporate.

Factors to consider while buying seats for your boat

Cost: Due to inflation, many people are trying as much as possible to reduce their expenses. While buying seats for boat this is not exceptional, you must choose the best seats but with the most reasonable pricing.

Long lasting Material: As much as minding the cost is important, minding the quality of the seats is very important. Certainly, nobody wants to purchase items that will wear out easily therefore, do not compromise quality for low priced items. Generally, environment and purpose of the boat will affect the quality of materials making the seats. Take for instance, plastic seats will not fit in well in yachts, or regattas while wooden seats will not be very appropriate for speedboats and sailboats. Wooden seats also would not stand the test of time and are far heavier than rotomolded type seats which last far longer. Also when rot, its like putting a rotten apple in a barrel of apples, it’ll spoil the rest of them – in this case, all the wood around it would get the bacteria to cause your floor to begin to rot (if its wood – even treated wood).

Appearance: Seats need to look good but this factor should come after you have ascertained a long lasting quality for the seats. Attractive seats will not only help improve the interior of the boat but will also improve the atmosphere for relaxation.

Where to find different types of boat seats

There many retail stores on the market today that supply quality old and brand news boat seats at an affordable price. These suppliers are also accessible on-line; this makes the whole of process of purchasing quite stress free and cheaper. On-line shops are very efficient because they display pictures of the available seats for their customers. This gives a client some ample time and different choices while selecting the seats that will suit his or her boat. Visit our other sites for pontoon boat seats, boat seats and boat carpet.